Say No to Private Tax Schemes that are bad for Nebraska.

Tell your State Senator to oppose LB 295 and LB 804.

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Say NO to 295

This bill would give corporate and individual taxpayers a tax credit for contributing to a private scholarship-granting organization.

Why it's bad

Tax credits under LB 295 would take revenue that could be used for public education and give it to wealthy donors and private schools.

Wealthy donors, including corporations, would receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit from the state, and could even turn a profit by claiming a charitable giving deduction on their federal tax returns.

This bill will cause a failure in our ability to adequately fund public schools.

The bill will cause a $2 million loss in funds in its first year, and a $10 million deficit the following year. This money would better spent to alleviate our state’s overreliance on property taxes by better funding public schools from the state level.

This bill will add to our state's major budget challenge.

Legislators are looking to close a nearly $200 million shortfall after years of low revenues. Almost all public services have seen cuts and expect more to come. Public schools are no exception: TEEOSA (state aid to education) has only been fully funded in 3 of the last 16 years, and our public schools would lose even more under LB 295.

Private education should continue to be privately funded. Taxpayer dollars should be invested in strengthening our public schools, which are open to all children, subject to state curriculum standards, and supported by the vast majority of Nebraskans in annual polls.


March 19 Policy brief - LB 295's tax credits raise a multitude of concerns

Say NO to 804

This is an attempt to drain funding from our public schools.
Your help is needed to stop this misguided legislation.

This voucher-like tax scheme would hurt Nebraskans and Public Schools.

It would expand the state income tax deduction of 529 College Saving Plan contributions to include private K-12 tuition. Before the recent tax rewrite, the 529 College Saving Plan could only be used for college tuition & expenses. This proposed expansion would allow tuition to private K-12 institutions to qualify as a 529 expense, giving away tax dollars to private and religious institutions.

This would dramatically cut state revenue by approximately $7-10 million per year, widening the state's current $200 million budget shortfall and leading to cuts in funding for our public schools.

Only taxpayers who send their children to private schools would see a tax break. LB 804 would eliminate responsibility for public tax dollars by giving those public dollars to entities that are not accountable in any way to the public.

Compare for yourself.

Charter Schools and Public Schools would share the same pot of taxpayer money. But they do not live by the same rules.

Nebraska's Public Schools
Governed by publicly elected boards
Educate any child, any day of the school year
Provides Special Education and ELL services
Fundamental engine of our state's success for 150 years
Charter Schools
Are corporate schools governed by private corporate boards
Many are for-profit (KIPP Schools, Success Academy, etc.)
Not required to employ certified teachers
Not required to provide SPED or ELL services
Not required to provide transportation or meals
Do NOT consistently outperform Public Schools

Nebraska already ranks 49th in the nation in state aid to public schools. LB804 and LB295 would make this even worse and put more pressure on property taxes.

State lawmakers need to be talking about investing in—not divesting from—our public schools. Tell state senators to vote NO on these bad-for-kids bills.